Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorensen Power

Well, as you can tell, I've majorly slacked off on my blogging skills. I do, however, have a few little ditties to share with the rest of you.

This is a picture of my nephew Nathan. He's pretty cute. At a dinner I went to with my parents and sisters, I saw something I had to take a picture of. It wasn't Nathan, but he thought it was.

This is a pretty awesome picture I was part of with the Glovers. As Mari's friend, David, said, "It portrays the evolution of Asian apes into Caucasian men yielding hatchets."

Emi and I at the semi-awesome Japanese festival in downtown Salt Lake. The Ogden Taiko drummers were pretty sweet.

The Sorensens had a sushi party a week or so ago and here you can behold the awesome sushi we made. Yes, those are deep fried rolls.


Hilarye said...

Ok a few questions. 1) why was the japenese festival only semi-awesome? 2) You guys are awesome we need to hang out (ok more of a statement then a question) 3) Did you say ditties because of the office when Andy says I wrote you a little ditty (insert whatever accent) and then Erin proceeds to throw cake in his face?

I need these questions answered immediatly.

candace said...

ha! that first photo is hilarious.

Valerie S said...

Thanks for cropping out my stomach in the 1st picture. You are back in the will.

Tyler and Jill said...

You two are a cute couple!

Ariel said...

Am I not fully evolved because I don't own a hatchet? You guys are hilarious.

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