Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Four Bagger

Now, I know it has been what some call eons since my last post, so like most people who fail to blog on a constant basis, I apologize! Now that we have that awkward, unnecessary apology out of the way, we can get on with the story.

This is a story about how I obtained the nickname Four Bagger and it ended with what I would call an exciting display of emotion. Now I'll Tarantino it and tell you how we arrived at this end.

Last Thursday, my friend Leif Dixon was in town. I got a call from my bro-nameth, Mike, telling me we were all going bowling. Because Emi was preoccupied with school tasks, I headed out alone.

Upon arriving at Olympus Bowl, I paid for two games and tried on my shoes. They fit perfectly - as perfectly as rental shoes can. I felt good. I got the first spare of the night. But slowly, things ceased to look good for me. My first game was far from bragable. In fact, my sister-in-law and I tied for last.

The second game was off to a slow start as well. I went three frames with getting robbed by only dropping nine pins. I finally decided it would probably be good to score some strikes because you get more points. So in the fourth frame of the second game I got my first strike of the game. Fifth frame, another strike.

Now, as a side note, I've never in my life bowled a turkey. I've bowled two strikes on multiple occasions, but never three. As I stood up there on the sixth frame I knew I was going to change history, hell, change the world!

I stood, grabbed the nine pound ball and I bowled a turkey! Next frame, I decided to "take it to the edge... and past it!" I made up my mind to get more strikes in a row than ever known to man! Four!

I did it! The screen flashed "Four Bagger" and I knew I had reached the second happiest day of my life. At that moment, I knew world peace had occurred and all mankind was celebrating in my momentous occasion. Through the entire game, I only missed 5 pins! I think the Guinness Book of World Records is updating their books for best job bowling... EVER.

As a side note, the red ball that did this is featured in the picture above. Credit goes to mike for finding it. If you go to Olympus Bowl, find it. I promise if you can harness it's power, you could make world records of your own as well.


The Haights said...

All I can think when I see that last picture is "don't drop those balls on your head cuz that would hurt!!"

The Haights said...

Good job on the game by the way!

Jesse said...

Well done Danny...well done my friend! I couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments in this life!

sorensenpower said...

Thanks everybody! It was intense, but definitely worth the work!

To everyone out there, you to can make your dreams reality!

Ariel said...

I am so proud of you Danny!

The only thing is, I feel like your new nickname is well, kind of lame-o. I mean, El Diablo and Doomsday strike fear into my heart. But Four Bagger makes me think of giant dog poo in the park that takes four bags to clean up. Stick with your old nicknames but please continue to brag about your fabulous game.

sorensenpower said...


Thanks for making me laugh out loud, but you should also feel bad for making me laugh at my new nickname. Remember how you feel when I call you Ariel Defa (you know, your given married name) instead of Defay? Well, times that by 32! That's how I now feel. Thanks for everything and nothing at the same time.

Andrea said...

I'm liking the new four bagger nickname. I feel it sums you up pretty well, and not in the dog poo sort of way. It says this kid is pretty amazing, he can bag four of anything you through his way!

Ariel said...

Wow, you really are proud of your new nickname. Please accept my formal apology. If you want a name that connotes dog poo--fine with me!

Andrea said...

Wow I'm retarded! I just read my comment, please forgive the way I spelled "throw."

Ariel said...

This post has been up for nearly three months. I think you are bragging a little too much by keeping it up so long.

Tyler and Jill said...

I agree with Ariel, I need a new post so I don't have to think about your new nickname and about your bowling skills. I don't remember these bowling skills, so I'm going to have to say that they might be a fake, which would mean that your nickname would also be a fake, and that you must go back to Doomsday!