Monday, June 8, 2009

Mesa Verde

Emi and I recently had the opportunity to go to Mesa Verde National Park and let me tell you, good times were had by all! The temperature was a little colder than expected, but I preferred that over hiking deep canyons in scorching heat.

It’s pretty impressive to see all the structures these people built long ago with only stone axes. Some of the buildings were incredibly detailed, large and hard to get to, but some how these people managed to build them.

Another mind fudging detail is that there are over 600 cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde and 4,000 ruins. We merely saw a total of 6 or 7.

Also, I realize this is the first post in ages. Life has been kind of busy, but i'm hoping to get more time to blog our summer activities in the near future.

Long House

Cliff Palace


Ben said...

Beautiful. Good onyah!

Senior Del Fuego said...

There is only one word to describe this...Aliens

sorensenpower said...

That could be true EJ. Many think the Ancient Puebloans, who just disappeared, were abducted by aliens. Me thinks it true!

Valerie S said...

That place is so cool. But I'm glad I never took you kids when you were little. I know you would have fallen off the edge.

Send in the Clown said...

As I look at this picture again I can't help but think the people that lived there must have been really small. Or you are taking the picture from far away.

sorensenpower said...

Hey Pennywise, you're really creeping me out, but the answer to your question is i am far away.