Friday, February 27, 2009

Will YOU be prepared for the nuclear apocalypse?

Now, this is a question I’ve always asked myself. I decided, how can I properly train my kids without myself having the proper tools and knowledge?! For this reason I have dedicated 60+ hours to playing just Fallout 3, another 25+ to playing Left for Dead and even more hours to playing various other games where I:

• Kill zombies
• Roam a barren wasteland
• Hack radioactive cows to pieces with a flaming sword or my bare fists
• Craft explosive devices and traps for both fun and protection
• Slaughter masses with nuclear weaponry
• Chainsaw evilness in half… WITHOUT HESITATION!
• Strategically use teamwork to fight hordes of radioactive infected

I feel ready and for that reason my kids will be ready. Now I’ll let you hear what the experts have to say.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?


Neal said...

Yeah. I love the Onion. They are 100% pure genius. If only we could extract it from them, bottle it, and sell it.

When I was a lad and my mom made comments about me playing games so much I would reply that I was training for the future. In the case of Starcraft: "What if humanity discovers two races of hostile aliens and the government comes to me to command our armies, mom? Then you'll be proud I spent so much time learning how to eliminate the opposition with minimal loss of my own men."

Hilarye said...

I've been thinking of purchasing a fall out shelter in a large mountain... do you know of any nearby and are they still accepting applicants?

sorensenpower said...

As a mater of fact, I do know of a shelter up by Logan. It's very reasonably priced and accessible. It's owned by a company called Vault-Tec.

Becca Jo said...

hopefully you will even have kids what with all the gaming going on over there!

Emi Sorensen said...

Neal, I just played a demo of Halo Wars and I think you should get that because who knows when aliens will attack earth and you'll need to command armies of Spartan Marines (way different than Star Craft)

And don't worry Becca, all in due time.

Senior Del Fuego said...

Don't you know the seven P's of buisness apply to all aspects of life? Prior Proper Planning Prevetns Piss Poor Progress! So you are just planning well my friend. Keep up the good work and someday you will be like John Conner and robots will be sent back through time to kill you. It is going to be one hell of life for you. When that happens call me because I want in on that.

Ariel said...

Every time I read your blog I'm reminded of how very very different we are. I stress to Dave how important it is to keep violent video games away from our kids. I never really thought I was doing them a disservice. At least you give me a some perspective.