Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Major Milestone for the Silver Bullet

My car has hit a major, evil milestone in its life:


Neal said...

I find it funny the photo is blurry. I imagine it went down something like this:

"Holy Moses! My odometer is about to be all sixes! Where's my phone!?" (fumbles through pocket while weaving through traffic like a madman) "Got it! No time to focus!" (click) "Excellent!"

I bet that is exactly how it happened.

sorensenpower said...

You're pretty close!

Ben said...

Neal, as usual, you're a damned fool when it comes to dealings with the Devil, (Satan, Lucifer, Old Scratch, etc.)

Its blurry because Danny's soul was passing through the frame at that exact moment and fusing itself to his Japanese car.

Satan's purpose, of course, was to punish Danny for purchasing such a wussy car.

After Danny's mortal existence has passed, his soul will spend eternity fused to the everlasting Civic cradling lumpy-ass coeds on their way to Arbys.

After the lumpy-ass coeds eat at said Arby's, Danny will endure a barrage of silent farts as they are absorbed into the upholstery (and consequently Danny's soul).

In essence, Danny is doomed for all eternity to be nothing more than a fart vacuum for lumpy-ass ladies. Next time buy American, Danny.

Duh, Neal.

sorensenpower said...

I prefer Beelzebub, or as I call him BizzleBuzzle! And who told you about the fart soaked upholstery? EMI!!! You're in trouble!

But, to be honest, The Silver Bullet is not a wuss at all. It may be a little less-then-manly, but not wussy. In fact, it's pretty tough considering I was able to run over a dead deer and only suffer a few scratches and a coating of deer bits.

JoeP said...

i know you've been frothing at the bit for weeks, months perhaps, in anticipation of snapping a photo when your odometer read 66666. shameless.

Neal said...

Whoa, F me.

Sorry I was so mistaken there, Ben. I don't know how such an obvious turn of events for Danny could have escaped my understanding.

I'll just have to leave and think about what I've done.

Lamb Fam said...

What Ben said.

sorensenpower said...

Damn you Joe Penacoli! You discovered the truth!

Ariel said...

I feel awkward commenting on such a controversial and devilish post regarding your soul. I expect no less from you of course.

I just wanted to let you that Noah has already started building boats and collecting his menagerie. I'm surprised I haven't told you or at least blogged about it.

I also hope you, your car and the 4 point deer, do not get swallowed into the depths of hell. Good luck with that.

Emi Sorensen said...

Minasan ga sugoku omoshiroii komento wo kaiteita! kedo....honda no kuruma ha ichiban janai ka