Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Snow!

One of the worst parts of living up at University Village (even worse than the plumbing) is the deer! They are literally everywhere. I see them on almost a daily basis in the parking lot, under the trees and even on our front lawn. Now you may ask, “How can that be a bad thing?” The reason I hate these deer is because I am constantly faced with temptation to slay them – a good yet illegal thing.

Wednesday, Emi and I were heading to Alex and Sheree’s house to get our Lost on. As soon as I opened up the door, I met Him:

This picture is literally taken from inside our house. Normally, the temptation to shoot these deer is easily put aside, but when it’s a four point, and he’s that close, it is a bit harder.

Emi went and grabbed my gun, but unfortunately this shot was not safe. As all you can see, there is a kid in the background. If it wasn’t for that sledder, we would’ve dined on the flesh of wild beasts!

So don’t worry everyone, all the deer at University Village are safe and there is no red snow… for now!


Anonymous said...

I love the target drawn on the 2nd picture! Classic!

Neal said...

Should the power of this urge ever completely overtake you and while cooking the meat (hopefully you wouldn't eat it raw) if you come to your senses, be sure to give me a call. I like deer. And it'd make for a fun celecration before you get hauled away in handcuffs.

sorensenpower said...

The target is a little hard to see to the untrained eye. I wanted to give everyone a glimpse of wildlife through MY eyes.

And Neal, I shall make you delicious deer meats!

Ben said...

On every full moon, you may join me as I prance throughout the Village in nothing but a loincloth and a bone-handled knife. We shall slay the elusive mule deer and get drunk on the pools of spilled blood!

sorensenpower said...

Sounds good Ben! I'll get my war paint and my spear!

Lamb Fam said...

I'd like to join you and Ben. Question: should I wear my lioncloth... I realize I could erase that... or loincloth like Ben, or just my warpaint like Danny?
Pretty Sassy either way.