Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell Clog: Deuce

As most of you are well aware, I am not new to the world of Hell Clog fighting; some may even refer to me as the Hell Clog Viking. We have recently had another incident in our apartment. Rather than draw pictures, I’ve made a few short “how to” videos depicting my battle, allowing you to also fight Hell Clogs in your own house.

So as you can see, I was unsuccessful in slaying this mighty Hell Clog. Or so I thought…

About 30 minutes after attempting to decimate the Hell Clog with my windbag talents Emi beckoned me to witness the carnage unleashed on our sink. Here is a picture of the aftermath.
Once again, it looks like our neighbor has spawned this Hell Clog by putting large amounts of crud down the sink.In the hole where everything drains to the sewer is a big ball of hair covered in sludge. Disgusting.

So there you have it kids. Now, I command you to go forth and eliminate any clog that stands in your way


Ben said...

Damn. I really just gagged.

Ryan said...

You sure work that broom handle like a pro.


(That's seriously, like, disgusting. Call your landlord, man.)

Mickael said...

What a way to start out my Saturday! You are so inspirational the way you just keep at it like the little train who could.

Dan, I think you can.

I think you can.

Neal said...

That's both amazing and disgusting. I'm impressed. If it happens again you should create a block for the overflow and then get an accordion plunger. Those things can force anything down the drain. ANYTHING. Even small children and such.

Chelsea Nelson said...

I can't stop laughing.

sorensenpower said...

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement and advice!

The clog is now fixed. After attempting to fight the Hell Clog by myself, I called maintenance and asked them to come "take care" of it.

In addition to unplugging the sink, they also cleaned it out.

Jenbug said...

That really is completely revolting & appalling. You should just make a practice of pouring draino down there once a week or something. I love the buffalo, I'm sorry you had to part with him but in a way, he'll always be a part of you now. I only wish I would have read your blog before you came to our house tonight so I could've talked to you about said events.