Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend, workin' for the weekend....

So just as any red blooded American, I enjoy my weekends. Some might call me a weekend warrior because to me weekends are sacred and special... and cool.

My last two weekends have been especially awesome. Let me ask you two questions and see if you can answer “yes” to these.

  • How many of you have ever been to a buffalo auction?
  • How many of you have ever been kicked by a horse?

My last two weekends have allowed me to answer "yea" to both of these questions.

On the Great Salt Lake there is a god forsaken island known as Antelope Island which is home to basically nothing but a few buildings and 600 head of tatonka. Nothing else. Every year there is a Great Buffalo Round up on said island where approximately 200 beasts are auctioned off to the public. Two weeks ago, my family, loving all things buffalo, decided to purchase their very own pet buffalo and raise it in our backyard.

So without further ado, meet Jim:

Jim is my family’s new pet buffalo. He is 6, loves playing on the swings and enjoys video games. After a few visits from the police and protests from the neighbors, Jim was shot and killed. While his life as a Sorensen was short, we will forever remember his superb taste personality.

Also, Drew and Emily Dayton invited us to go horse back riding with them this past Saturday. I’ve never really mounted a horse before or ridden one on a trail, but it was pretty awesome. Here I am in all my cowboy-glory riding Laredo.

Wow, after looking at this picture I understand why my horse had such extreme sweatage! He’s kind of small compared to my massiveness.

If you’ve never been horseback riding, I highly recommended it – just don’t let your horse get too close to the other horses tail. In my case the other horse might kick your horse in the face and you in the shin. I don’t blame the horse though. If someone was getting too close to my dairy air, you better believe they’d be getting a kick or two in the face.

So, I declare to you fellow reader. Don't be afraid to work for the weekend and seek a little adventure; and if you're looking for good examples of party animals. You know where to turn:


The Larsens said...

it's nice to see the cowboy side in you coming out.

Valerie S said...

Dairy air? Do you mean derriere? ROTFLMHO

sorensenpower said...

Wow, did my mom just type ROTFLMHO?!?!


braden said...

Danny! Your weekend warrior-ness is awesome! But I don't think you're two questions are yes or no... Anyway, found your blog through Ariel's - Mine's