Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poor John. Poor, poor John.

Well, this year's election is now over. Barack Obama is now the President Elect and will be inaugurated on January 20th.

I don't know how to really sum up my feelings about this year's election. This is the first time I've really followed the campaigns and I wasn't really excited about any of the candidates. McCain said he could see us in Iraq for a hundred years. Obama wants to socialize medicine. Neither of them really seemed to represent me.

Even Ariel Defa(y), one of my most politically charged friends from high school wasn't passionate about either candidate. So while so many people I know didn't really care or get excited, how are so many people caught up in this Obamamania?

All-in-all, I think the next four years should be fairly interesting. I am definitely glad that this thing isn't president!

I think Obama will do a decent job. Even Aaron Walker, who worked for FEMA and whose voice can be featured in this video, said he got the chills when hearing Barack give his acceptance speech. I did too. I don't know who couldn't. It is pretty amazing how many African-Americans who in their younger years still faced segregation have now lived to see the first African-American president of the United States take office.


Amber said...

The speech was great, I agree. I wasn't stoked for either canidate, all the hype for Obama frankly gets on my nerves. But I will support him and hope he brings good things! PS... hilarious picture of Hilary!

Ben said...

Why do you hate women and freedom?

Becca Jo said...

Hopefully Obama can do all the things he said he can do. Haa haa even though he had NO plans to do them just promises. I r=predict not much will change.

Ryan said...

Danny, Danny, Danny.

Obama's plan simply makes health insurance available, affordable, and in some cases, mandatory (read about it here: In other words, it makes health insurance like car insurance--which is not akin to socialism.

Socialism is where the government takes control of the means of production and distribution of goods, labor, and services. Is Obama planning to revoke all private health care charters and conscript physicians into public service? Is he going to march into Merck and Eli Lilly and Wyeth with American troops and take over their operations? Because THAT would be socializing health care.

Just chill and feel the love, man.

For reals, you know what I'd LOVE to hear you talk about? The P.R. issues of both campaigns. How did Obama do P.R. wise from the primaries to the general? Could McCain have benefitted from the mad P.R. skillz of The Summit Group's hotshot Pubic Relations wunderkind?

You should write about all of that stuff.

But when you do it, make it funny and include drawings like you did with the story about "Hell Clog."

sorensenpower said...

It'll be interesting to see what happens. The great thing about America is that no matter who is president it's still not a dictatorship; although having a good president is the cherry on top.

Something that I think America needs right now is some major character rebuilding and I think Obama will do good at that.

But what about my gun rights? I hope nothing happens that would cause Charlton Heston to turn in his grave...

Ryan, for you I will write the post. I've been to a couple seminars where we dissected the PR attributes of each candidates campaign and it's actually quite interesting.

Tytanious said...

The biggest problem with Obama is he wants to disarm the American public and have an Organized military for each state, with as much training and funding as the military. That is scary.

sorensenpower said...

Yeah, I just don't like the thought of him banning certain types of weapons. Not only is it pointsless, but when you ban guns, that means only criminals have guns.

I know Obama isn't taking away all our guns, but even a step in that direction makes me nervous.

Meg said...

Thanks for your post Danny! It was refreshing to read it, even though you may not be jumping up and down with excitement over the outcome at least you are a true red, white and blue American who can face this with some cheery optimism. I am so sick of the ignorance of people who won't let up about how he is going to cause the world to end. The majority has spoken a So Danny my good friend I thank you for your open mind and free spirit! I am very excited for fresh blood, 8 years was way too long!

Ariel said...

My name is Defay and the Y is not in parenthesees. Thanks for your political insight.