Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

In the distant future I predict there will be a robotic uprising! For this reason – and perhaps a sliver of badassness – Emi and I decided to create robot costumes for Halloween. Now, I don’t say dress up because we didn’t do it to have fun. We did it to prepare for the time when robotic beings rule the world.

You see, when the robots come now Emi and I will fit in with them and their robotic ways. Meanwhile, most of you – with the exception of a few of my professors who sounded like robots – will be killed, assimilated, vaporized and terminated.

Being a robot isn’t easy. It takes hard work and normal daily humanoid tasks can prove to be difficult.

But as a robot I learned that it take more than some greasy face paint and a card board box to be successful. It takes…


On top of everything, I won $100 for my awesome costume at The Summit Group’s costume contest. I was up against tough competition, but I think Bill Paulos, Partner and Owner of TSG, cheated so I’d win. Afterwards he asked me to help him make a robot costume too! I said, “If it includes a raise, and if you fire Aaron Walker, then ‘Yes!’”


Becca Jo said...

I love Emi's robot boobs! hmm that sounded weird.

Emi Sorensen said...

um....thank you? :)

Lamb Fam said...

Dave was a robot his first year at USU and he got his trash KICKED @ the Monster Mash. This guy was PISSED by Dave's huge robotness- especially when Dave would ask girls to dance. How do you slow dance with a guy in a HUGE refrigerator box? Anyway, the bully ended up being Dave's cousin and he never recognized Dave because of the silver shoebox on his head. To this day, the bully-cousin has no idea he beat up his poor cousin.
O- and it looks like Danny is the one with 'Robot Boobs.'

CitizenPain said...

I think my fave is the "Danger! High Voltage!" sign on Danny's robo-crotch. "Don'cha wanna know how we keep startin' fi-yahs?!?!?"

Well played, sir.

sorensenpower said...


I can't believe that Dave got beat up, let alone by his own cousin. Luckily I completed my Halloween unscathed.


I'm glad you noticed. It's my desire! it's MY desire.

The Haights said...

I loved the costumes. My kids REALLY loved the costumes.

And I'm also impressed that you posted two things in two days. You're on a roll!