Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tasty Murder

Over this past weekend I went antelope hunting with my dad. Now, for those of you who don’t know my dad, he’s basically killed every type of animal in North America. He has stories of trapping every thing from foxes to eagles! Who traps eagles? I guess it was an accident and the Fish and Game let it go, but pretty impressive nonetheless. Now if that doesn’t tell you the kind of hunter he is then… you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this blog.

Anyway, Mike, my brother, and I drove to Rock Springs, Wyoming, Friday night to meet my dad and his hunting buddy Ron Taylor. We woke up ridiculously early the next morning, ate breakfast and began the official hunt. We spotted a bakers dozen antelope within 10 minutes on the road, including these fine specimens.

Over the next 8 hours we spotted nearly 1,000 antelope, searching for the one to slay. Toward the end of the day we went to a little place I like to call Antelope Alley. This is where I shot my antelope last year and Ron’s daughter, Jenny, shot hers the year before. Upon arriving here, we spotted herds and herds of antelope. After a small hike and a short drive I spotted a pretty nice looking buck and told my dad it was a shooter. Mike confirmed this and we began trying to get him to shoot it. Dad resisted. I’m pretty sure he would’ve shot every antelope in that valley if he could’ve.

The next day we went straight to Antelope Alley. We saw a few HUGE bucks but couldn’t get close enough to shoot any. I offered to shoot the antelope for my dad, but he just glared at me and said no. We hunted until about 2:30 p.m. and just as we were giving up hope my dad saw an antelope with a horn growing sideways out of its head. The horn was so messed up it was nearly growing parallel with the ground. My dad told Ron to drive down there to see if it was worth shooting. We all told him not to and as he was making his final decision we spotted another antelope less than 100 yards away. We yelled to my dad that it was pretty nice, he set his sight and shot.

The Antelope is beautiful.

All in all it was a successful hunt. Look at the smile on my dad's face below. He looks like a kid in a candy store.

Now, my dad would try to tell you this isn’t true (besides being a hunter he is also a liar) but the antelope he shot was the same one Mike and I tried to get him to shoot the day before! Crazy, but true! Mike confirmed it. The moral of this story is, “Dads, listen to your boys. They know what’s best and will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.”


The Haights said...

Dad has already learned that I'm always right. He had to buy me plenty of shakes growing up.

Becca Jo said...

THis had me laughing. How could you tell it was the same one! They all look the same.

sorensenpower said...

No. They do not look the same. When you look at 1,000 antelope you can tell the difference.

Lamb Fam said...


Valerie S said...

I am not eating antalope meat.

Ben said...

Dude, it looks beautiful out there.
Nice work.

Mickael said...

I nominate this for your best Blog post of 2008. Funny story and lots fo cool pics. You should do a contest and let your readers choose your best story of 2008! Hows that for an interactive blog!?