Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The life of a real Mountain Man

Over Labor Day weekend, Emi and I went to a real mountain man rendezvous at Fort Bridger Wyoming. We left the Thursday before Labor Day and came home that Monday. Now, words don't really describe what a rendezvous is really like. For this reason, we took lots of pictures.

They will tell this story.

Dan and Emi (Mountain Man Style)

Teton Todd cooking some delicious ribs

Nick carrying water

Mountain Baby

Shawn Webster

Angela Cardon

Teton Todd and Emi

Chris and Minako

Amanda, Emi and Mountain Baby

Mountain Man Breakfast

Dan and Angela sitting by the camp fire

This is me looking through Leo's beads. Leo
is the bead man to talk to if you are looking for
antique beads. He gets them from the African traders.

This is me checking out some sweet beads. Check out the cool
leggings and moccasins I made with my own two hands

This is a trade demonstration I helped out with. I was
Trade Goods assistant. Note the sweet tepee in the background.

This is an exchange of beaver hides. The currency of
any mountain man. They are checking the quality of the hides.

So all in all, it was an awesome weekend. Besides the snow, rain and hail that came on Labor Day Monday, it was a great time. There were all sorts of booths and demonstrations going on throughout the weekend. I even watched a real live blacksmith pound some metal. To top it all off we saw some pretty awesome dogs.

These dogs are just chillin' This dog's name was Kitty



Valerie S said...

How fun! You all look very mountain manish. Mountain Man breakfast is making me hungry.

Lamb Fam said...

Hilarious!! I love it. Looks like a good Danny-ish time!

Becca Jo said...

Danny, you are a cute mountain man!

hilarye said...

I am ashamed to be your friend

Senior Del Fuego said...

I once went to a Mountain Man conference, it was a lot different though. We mostly just sat around and made jokes about how stupid people were. Oh wait that was the scout jamboree that we mostly sat around and watched these cows go at it. As I young man I was scared for laugh. I almost started to think about not eating beef but then thought I aint those two so what the hell. I am man, I like beef too much to give up on our long relationship now. So the point of the story is, if you ever have the option of living forever, but you have to spend 5 minutes in the tool shed with Satan, don't do it because man it is not worth it.

Jenbug said...

That is very cool and totally something I can see you doing. You guys are awesome!

candace said...

this is hilarious. i am so sad i didn't read this until now. wow.