Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why you SHOULDN'T break into our house!

As many of you readers know, my idea of gun control is using both hands. I love guns and gun accessories. Below are a few reasons not to break into our apartment.

Yeah, that's some serious stuff!

Not only do I delight in the bearing of arms, so does my wife, Emi.

When you hold the gun above your head it means you are cool.

...we are cool.

Tactical back-to-back position to fight off enemies (or zombies) in all directions.

This is me shooting with my FS 2000 at about 50 yards. I shot all these holes in this target in about 30 seconds.


JoeP said...

I won't break into your apt. Promise.

Ryan said...

I hope all guns get outlawed just to put you on a bummer.

Amber DeGeorge said...

I was thinking about breaking in. REALLY glad I didn't!

Lamb Fam said...

I'm not scared!

Jenbug said...

Some guy just tried to sell us a home security system and I said, "Oh you obviously don't know that we are friends with Danny & Emi Sorenson." He said, "no" and got all dejected and went away.