Thursday, May 29, 2008

Radio From Hell with Kerry, Bill and Gina

As many of you heard – either on the actual program or through my blog – yesterday I was on X96’s morning show, Radio from Hell. The crappy thing is I had to wake up before 6:00 a.m. to get there but the good thing is I went to bed early so it wasn’t too big of a deal (Alex Springer came with me as my friend, so shouldn’t complain about waking up early because he had to wake up earlier than I). The morning show started off with “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against The Machine. At that time I realized it would be a good day.

They RFH guys began by asking me some standard questions about myself. Where was I born, if I am married, how many guns I own and whether I look like anyone famous – you know, the usual. When they found out I owned 13 guns they unofficially named me as the “BFOP with the most guns.” That meant a lot to me. At this time Charlene Wallace e-mailed Kerry, Bill and Gina pictures of me shooting guns. Bill was intrigued and asked me about several other pictures, such as Franky Quinny’s sword swallowing scar and the haunted cabin.

As the show went on I became more and more impressed by the behind-the-scenes choreography. Kerry looked like John Phillips Sousa as time and time again he played an awesome sound bite that went along with the shows events. He later informed me he creates each and every one of the sound segments from shows he watched the night before. Needless to say I was in awe. I still don’t see how the morning show flows so freely. While everything is literally adlibbed, it seemed seamless and smooth.

Some noteworthy things: Gina was not wearing sweat pants, or a jogging suit. Bill has huge calves and clearly likes to show them off. Kerry painted his toe nails black (Was this because I was coming in? I don’t know but I’d like to think so.) The word gullet was used. When off air, there seems to be a no-talking-rule between Kerry, Bill and Gina. Gina is very nice and considerate and seemed to be making sure we were having fun. Before going on, everyone told me Kerry is kind of a jerk, but I thought he was a perfect gentleman. A month ago Alex had told me he ran into Bill at his work. Bill, I think, recognized Alex and asked him where he worked. Alex proceeded to tell him he worked at Art Tix and started recounting the story where he ran into Bill and helped him with a ticketing problem he had. Before he could get into it, Bill interrupted him and began to recount the story exactly as it happened. I was pretty impressed that Bill could recognize Alex after so long.

The show ended with me presenting them with a plethora of candies I brought in. At that moment Emi called in and all five of us had a good chat. They then thanked me for coming in and I was able to creep them out by saying, "Thanks for having me... FRIENDS!" Bill then replied, "Man, you're kind of goofy!"

So all-in-all, yesterday was awesome! Let's be honest; any day I get to creep out a local celeberty is a good day!


Ariel said...

Your life sounds pretty sweet. I wish I could have come to the wedding. Congrats.
Also congrats on your DJ debut.

B-Mental said...

That is awesome! Even though radio sucks, those RFH dudes are as good as you can get.
Rock on!

Mickael said...

Dude you are a blogging fool these days. I hope the death threats have stopped.

sorensenpower said...

Thanks Mike! I really like your blog too! The things you write about are awesome. Don't worry, the threats are over.

Ben, I agree. Radio does suck!

CitizenPain said...

Thanks again for bringing me along. Those RFH folks sure do know how to par-ty down!

The Haights said...

I heard you say, "It looks like a spider."

Senior Del Fuego said...

You can be the best friend of my program any day of the week. Hot lips!

The Larsens said...

i got to nephi that morning just in time to hear them question you the last five minutes or so of the show. well done! i liked the friends comment.