Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good, Great, Grand and Wonderful

As many of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted on my weblog for quite sometime. Being as I have received death threats for failing to do so, I’ve decided to spend the rest of my work day enlightening you all on how awesome my life is.

1. I’m married. That’s pretty awesome for more than just the obvious reasons. Emi is a pretty awesome broad and I’m lucky to have won her over. We got married on May 9, 2008 and our wedding proved to be one for the books. It rained a little bit, but the overcast made for awesome pictures. Also, it was wee bit blustery, but that made Emi’s dazzling dress and veil look even more awesome than it actually was.

Our reception was at This is the Place Monument, which was an excellent location. I recently found out Emi and I won Best Dressed - an award many desire but few receive.

The luncheon was pretty great as well. Kudos go to Emi’s friends who played the harp and the violin. Best voice of the day goes to Eric Jones who sang all of “Forever in Blue Jeans”. Most touching toast was a tie between Alex - who told about the time I sprayed Pam on the kitchen floor in attempts to make my sister fall – and Rusty – who told about the time we pranked Jim, my uncle. Unfortunately Jim hadn’t figured out it was us and may press charges. My Aunt Susan’s table won rowdiest table of the luncheon because of their loud laughter, chants and taunts.

2. We went on a cruise and won a couple’s massage. This is yet another instance of Sorensen Power. I’ve never really had a massage quite like it. I felt rejuvenated afterwards, but the next day we landed in San Juan - land of cats - walked a few miles and my feet hurt again.

3. I got a new desk at work. I’ve moved from the basement to the main floor. No more creaky floors for me! Now sunlight actually touches my desk and I’m beginning to regain my natural skin tone. It’s pretty luxurious. I still make the same amount, but I like to consider this a promotion.

4. On Wednesday, May 28, 2008, I’ll be on X96 as their best friend of the program. I just hang out and they feed me breakfast.

5. I’m graduated! I made it! I now have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication – Public Relations. It feels pretty good. I just checked my grades and I did pass all my classes too!

So yeah, life is good. I’m pretty awesome and it’s summer. Man, I love being an American.


Chelsea Nelson said...

Danny, I am happy about all of the above but I want to see MORE PICTURES! Can you arrange that?

B-Mental said...

Congratulations, Danny! You're all growed up and a good dude. Peace!

The Haights said...

I ditto more pictures.

I want G rated honeymoon pictures. Okay..maybe you can go up to PG-13.

sorensenpower said...

I'll give the people what they want!

Senior Del Fuego said...

Unlike your sister I want more drunk women pictures!

The Larsens said...

I'm jealous you have your wedding pictures back. I'm still waiting!

Tasha said...

Congrats on everything Danny!

Mickael said...

Awesome Dude!!!!!

suebjensen said...

Glad to have you and Emi back in town. Thanks for the Major Award "rowdiest table." We did earn it.

Danny said...

Hey Danny,

You don't know me, nor I you.... but we share the same name. Close to the same anniversary date as well.... my wife and I got married on May 11 ( 12 years ago, but still!) Just bored and did a search this eve for , well, "Danny Sorensen". Best wishes to you bro! From one DS to the other! Peace!