Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jimmy Eat World

On Monday I had the opportunity to go to Jimmie Eat World for free. Many people claim that free concerts always taste better. Let me tell you, the legends are indeed true! I love Jimmie Eat World, but to go to their concert for free was even better than paying to go.

Emi is also a big Jimmie fan, but has never seen them in concert. When she told her little sister Mari about scoring tickets, Mari began to cry and said "it wasn't fair." I'm still not sure what, exactly, wasn't fair... But I laughed at the thought of her crying. Am I an evil person? No. I am merely human.

Paramore opened up for J.E.W. and I came across a guitar pick from their show while waiting for Jimmie to come out and play. I gave it to Emi so she could rub it into her sister's face. In addition, Emi got a Jimmie Eat World set list from Leif, a friend of mine who happens to run the lights for the band.

Leif also got a shout out during the show by the band. It was pretty cool. All in all, the concert was awesome! Leif did a great job on lights. One could not ask for a better lighting technician. It really was pretty interesting to watch him work his magic.

All-in-all the concert was a good time! Hell, it was free and concerts don't get much better than free!

Leif at work... he's kind of a big deal...


Becca Jo said...

oh we missed out! we did get invited so that's cool!

CitizenPain said...

Dammit! When do I get to come with you to see a free concert? Tell Leif to get a job working for these bands: The Strokes, The White Stripes, Lordi, and The Electric Six. After he has done this, you should take me with you to a free show.


Mickael said...

Dude, that pic you took turned out AWESOME! You need to send it to Leif.

B-Mental said...

Does Jimmy Eat World really stand for J.E.W.?
Or is that some funny emo-band coinkeydink?
If it does stand for JEW, are they an anti-semitic emo band?
And if so, why are you rocking out to them?
And if you did rock out to them, are you anti-semitic?
And if you are, your name is Hebrew. Didja know that?
And if you didn't know that, you do now, and should be feeling guilty for not inviting your good buddy's brother to free concerts.

Senior Del Fuego said...

Jimmy Eat World more like Jimmy ate World. Arent they getting fat?

Ariel said...

Um are you married? I think you are and I didn't get an invite. Not cool.
Hope you had good wedding. I'm sure Emi was beautiful.

I love Jimmy. If they are getting fat it is because they are still eating.