Monday, April 28, 2008

Bachelor Party/Striking Similarities

This past weekend we had my bachelor party. It was a pretty good time. There was a pretty big turn out. We had about 20 guys over the course of the evening.

We started off by going shooting. We began by shooting up an old computer. It was like out of Predator when they mow down part of the jungle with a mini gun. In addition, we shot about 400 clay pigeons and Alex's old VCR!

After that, we went to Hooters for some delicious wings! Yes, we went there for the food! After the ladies found out it was my bachelor party they all signed a T-shirt and started clapping and made me hoola-hoop while they sung some song which talked about how marriage was stupid. At the end they yelled ".... look at what you could've had!" To which I yelled, "You haven't seen my finance!*" They then began to tell me how rude that was. I thought it was a great finish to a so-so plate of wings. Plus, it was cool to zing the hooters girls!

Last, but not least, we went to Alex Quinny's and watched
Predator . Man, that show was awesome. We were talking about how not many of us had seen it from beginning to finish, but we had seen about the whole thing during various Saturday afternoon movie specials.

After Predator , we watched the Jazz claim a close victory over the Houston Rockets, brining the series to 3-1. Man, the Jazz are awesome!

A side note, I think I see a striking resemblance between Duke and Ripcord and myself. You tell me...



* I stick by this comment!


The Haights said...

Rude! I can't believe you guys didn't invite Robert!


I'm glad you stuck it to those Hooter girls!! Good job!

sorensenpower said...

Whatever! Robert was invited! He's just a left wing Liberal.

Ryan said...

Doomsday? Doomsday?!

Yeah, right.

If you were in G.I. Joe, you would be Skid Mark

Ha! Get it?

It's funny because it's like being codenamed "Poo Stain," which would be awesome for you.

Becca Jo said...

I can't wait until you get married. You are going to be so much cooler once you finally get some...and I mean really get some.

Scar Belly said...

Dude, we are BA!

Actually, we are BAMF!

Seriously, we are BA BAMF DB's!

We rock!


B-Mental said...

Just for prosperity, this blog states that you
A) "Zinged the Hooter's girls and
B) Some one said they were glad you "Stuck it to those Hooter Girls" , and
C) Your older sister can't wait for you to "Really Get Some".
Hope you have a wonderful ceremony!

sorensenpower said...


For the record, my sisters said the last two remarks. Their words, not mine!

Ariel said...

Okay I feel bad about my last comment, you are cool. I got your invite last night. Good work my friend. It is pretty much the coolest invite I have ever seen. I am so happy for you.

Senior Del Fuego said...

Why are you tough and me so weak?

Jenbug said...

You were right to say that Emi is better than Hooters girls. I don't know who the first two guys are, but if you are trying to say that the second amendment is the best, you are right my friend!

Chelsea Nelson said...

danny whats up doomsday that is pretty funny oh and this is curtis