Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Yesterday was my birthday!

It was a successfully awesome day!

On top of all the other awesome gifts I received Fruit Flowers from Emi and let me tell you... they were delicious.

I will tell you, being born on St. Patricks Day is pretty awesome! I highly recomend it!


CitizenPain said...

Eating fruit flowers makes way more sense than eating regular ones. And when can Sheree and I give you your present? When? WHEN?

Ariel said...

Happy Birthday. I think the picute of your grandma says a lot about you. i wish I could come up with some witty things to say but Noah is crying peace!

Tim and Holly Fowers said...

Holly Scothern Fowers here. I came across your blog and wanted to say hi and congrats on the wedding. Send us an invite. My address is 3419 S River Road #27 St. George, Ut 84790. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Loki ; said...

Dude! Looks like you had a great birthday. Hope you have many more, yo! And I found you on random... hope you don't mind me commenting! :)