Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Rad!

Recently, I have rediscovered one of my favorite bands in high school: The Aquabats. Their surfer-laced ska music has changed my life in a way that few bands have. How could songs such as Powdered Milk Man, Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates, Magic Chicken, Chemical Bomb, and Cat With 2 Heads not change a impressionable teenager's life? The Aquabats helped me realize the awesomeness of midgets, especially those of pirate nature. They helped me comprehend that sometimes a man itches, and when he does he's gotta scratch... Through their music I gained a deep love for dogs. I think Commander Bat said it best when he sang, "Canis Lupus, man's best friend for many centuries. Dogs are way sweet! WAY SWEET!"

I agree!

I remember wishing Martian Girl from Planet V would really come down and let me run my hands through her sexy blue hair. I also remember catching a piece of extra crispy at one of their concerts. It fudged my mind!!!

The funny thing about rediscovering new bands is how songs that you previously sometimes become your new favorites. With the Aquabats, I remember I hated this song called Attacked by Snakes! with the fire of a thousand suns. Now, it gets me super pumped to kill snakes!

Through out the day I will be updating this blog with my favorite Aquabats lyrics.

Here are a couple to get you started:

Pinch and Roll, Pinch and Roll,
Everybody do the Pinch and Roll, Pinch and Roll,
If you’re itchy do the Pinch and Roll, Pinch and Roll,
We don’t scratch we do the Pinch and Roll, Pinch and Roll.

Cantaloupes and cowboy ropes. Hone those whittling skills

I kept it in a box. I watched it grow a lot. It chewed right through the lock, And ate all the new kids on the block.

You're ignorant. It's knowledge you lack. You gotta fight everything you can, A big puffy head, You're the Marshmallow Man

"Straight outta Compton" Is your battle cry, But you're from a suburban track. Didn't your mom and daddy teach you, That ghetto stuff is really whack?

Chemical bomb, Chemical bomb. Eyes melt, Skin explodes, Everybody's dead. It won't be long. It won't be long. People gonna run around, Losing their heads. A river of blood, Who's gonna live? The earth is tired of human kind, And I think this world, Is gonna wash up in Hell.

Children I want to warn 'ya 'Cuz I've been to California, Where Mickey Mouse is a demon


Becca Jo said...

"They helped me comprehend that sometimes a man itches, and when he does he's gotta scratch... " Not scratch! Pinch and Roll.

Haa haa I like the Aquabats too. I was just thinking about them last week because I guess they have made a cartoon or something.

A S H O L I N A said...

Oh man! Aquabats! And Save Ferris! I love the Lobster Bucket song... oh and Martian Girl.

Sarita said...

Yes, the aquabats definitely invoke some nostalgia. They are super fun if not super rad.

I experienced this same rediscovery when they happened to be at the Jamboree this summer. Only I was wishing they would stop the whole time because I had a monster headache.

My head's fault, not the bats.

The Haights said...

Update this blog

Becca Jo said...

I wonder if you really love Emi because you haven't posted about your engagement.

Mindy Hales said...

It was in a CD made for me by you that I became familiar with the song "Red Sweater" and thus the Aquabats. Thank you for opening up this whole new world for me.