Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sushi - Raw is the new cooked!

For dinner on New Years Eve, I was fortunate to land reservations at a small sushi joint I like to frequent called Akasaka. It is pretty delicious (“it” being their sushi), but I recently discovered something that left me a little disenchanted: those who run Akasaka are not Japanese! Regardless of their race, they can roll some pretty good sushi.

What is it about raw fish that tastes so good!? It's as though part of the fish's soul is trapped in its raw meat. Sashimi is like butter, melting in your mouth, running its delectable juices all over your tongue saying, "Hi taste buds, nice to meet you!"

We ordered the Vegas Roll, which is the roll that took my sushi-virginity. I still remember the first bite of Vegas Roll going down my throat. I knew I was in love.

Despite the unfortunate news, it was a sweet night. I mean I'm 1/2 English, 1/2 Danish and 1/2 Irish and I can roll sushi with the best of them. If that's the case why should I be mad my sushi chef is not Japanese?


Sarita said...

Good sushi is good sushi. I thought we were past judging people based on their ethnicity.

But thanks Dan. I was supposed to eat mediocre sushi for lunch today and it got rescheduled. I guess I will have to hold out for the good stuff.

I sure do love it when my sashimi talks to my taste buds like that.

Becca Jo said...

I hear you bro-I hear you!

Plus did you see that I quoted you on my blog?

Sheree said...

Oh man! You should go to this site and see your man Kanye getting schooled at Connect Four. By Beyonce! Zing!

Amber said...

I am so glad that you have moved into the sushi lovers club... it's way better up here!

A S H O L I N A said...

Ah, Dan... so nice to read your words of wisdom after studying and writing papers all night long. Where have you been all my life?! It's been ages since your last post. Please... don't do that again.

A few things: scorpians = BAD; sushi = fantabulous; PR interview this Saturday = hopefully won't turn out to be priceless in your future career endeavors. :) Rock it.

Also, how in the world do you know Ariel Defay?!

JoeP said...

Dan, I'm a bit confused. How can be 1/2 of each of those nationalities?? Do you have one mom and two dads? Wouldn't you be 1/3 of each of those nationalities (I'm ashamed to inform you that I don't remember exactly each of the 3 nationalities you listed...but that's beside the point. Figure your math out, son.).