Saturday, December 15, 2007

Smiting Dragons in Finals Week

This past week was finals week. That's why I haven't really written any awesome posts recently. I mean nothing awesome really happens in finals week unless you're Dan Sorensen, which I am!

Okay, nothing awesome really happened... The week t'was filled with semi-large amounts of studying and homework, topped off with me watching Arrested Development before bed to keep my tension low. I did study with a group of fellow classmates, but upon arriving at the study sesh, we soon realized that none of us knew the curriculum at all. We studied for about two hours and eventually gave up because we just didn't get it.

So far I have two A's. Yes, I am pretty much awesome. Let's hope I can get 3 more.... okay two more... one more? Yes, I have two A's

Could that be a Haiku?

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