Friday, December 21, 2007

Midget Hot Chocolate

Tonight I went to a little shop which is commonly referred to as Midget Hot Chocolate.

I tell you, after drinking this hot chocolate I will never again be able to drink any other hot chocolate. It was divine and guaranteed to contain angel and/or baby tears. While drinking this hot chocolate, I felt as though I was drinking out of the chocolate river in Willey Wonka's Chocolate Factory. It literally tasted as though melted delectable chocolate was flowing down my throat. Never before have I said this, but I was smitten by my 10 oz of dark hot chocolate.

I would love to hear of your testimonials too.


Sarita said...

I love Hatches. Dark Hot Chocolate? Genius. And there chocolate covered frozen bananas arent so bad either. They even dip them in caramel.

A S H O L I N A said...

I love that Sarah and I are the ones commenting on this post... :) Hatch's Chocolate is THE bes place in town for all things chocolate! Dark Chocolate is the best, especially their hot chocolate (and I'm pretty picky with my hot chocolate!), chocolate covered bananas and even mangos... MMMmmmm. The list continues. SO GOOD. Please, if you go again, I'm always in for a trip to Hatch's!

Scar Belly said...

where's mine?

Mickael said...

Ever since I was introduced to Hatch's I have been a huge fan. There is no better hot chocolate! the fact that a dwarf sometimes makes it is just the icing on the cake... or maybe it is the whipped cream on the cocoa... or maybe it is just AWESOME!

Yeah that is the one I was looking for. Like my four year old nephew says, 'Cool and Awesome!'

Sarita said...

I have to point out that 1) I am always telling people about the little people and their chocolate shop near my house, and they think I am a liar.

And 2) I am not a illiterate hack. Even if I do use poor grammar and/or spelling when I comment. Which is why I sometimes reread comments I make on other people's blogs to make sure my grammar is up to par. And something I should learn to never divulge.

Jenbug said...

I would love to know where you get this chocolate concoction and do you really mean it when you say never? Because I dare you to turn down Brenda next time she offers you a cup of hot chocolate.