Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chips and Cokes

At school, a friend and I have started a new club. This isn't like the other fake clubs I have started in the past (shining shamrocks). This club is actually taking shape and gaining in both fame and power!

The club is titled Chips and Cokes. Now you may say, “Dan, I am experienced in both chips and cokes… this is no new feat you have accomplished.” To which I reply these chips are no ordinary chips. They are Kettle Chips. I do believe that Kettle chips are sprinkled in both god dust and baby tears. They are divine! No other chip makes you feel as though you are eating an actual potato.

So our club has grown to 7 people now and that’s in only one week’s time. By my predictions we will soon be in all the major markets in the U.S. Please see my chart below to get a projected timeline of our success.

Professor Bergstrom, eat your heart out!


salleejane2 said...

I had no idea you had a blog. Internet stalking here I come. I'd love to join your chips and cokes club but only if you're allowed to drink diet coke. While kettle chips do seem to be sprinkled in fairy dust (every had the 3 cheese variety? They're like manna from heaven I swear) they are also liberally sprinkled (or doused) in oil. Chips and full-sugar coke? A girl's gotta think of her waist-line sometimes.

Ryan M. Springer said...

Professor Bergstrom? Is he the professor that ripped on Rage? If so, is he also the Communication professor that writes about communicating with old people or something like that?

Please confirm or deny.

Sarita said...

Kettle chips are divine, and Sallee has actually banned them from our household for that very reason.

The Tuscan 3 cheese costco bag is a dangerous dangerous thing.

Can one be a member of the club if they are strictly a diet coke drinker?

sorensenpower said...

Bergstrom is my stats professor. For some unknown reason, the communications department felt it necessary to include a stats class in our curriculum, but cleverly disguise it as a communications course.
In his class, we learned how to create grafts using Excel; hence the awesome graph featured in this post!

Jenbug said...

Danny, I like Coke but a guess I am too much of a girly girl to appreciate the Kettle Chip with the same zeal as you do. However, I too want to be a better person by reading this post, so thank you!