Saturday, December 15, 2007

And the winner is....

About a month ago I created a poll regarding one of my most favorite past times: Destruction!

I have always loved to break stuff. I don't know why... It wasn't so much I liked having broken stuff, as it was I liked to test the limits and live on the edge.

And the fun of breaking stuff was sometimes an added bonus.

In my more recent years I have learned a variety of new destructive tactics such as... well, I'll plead the fifth. My poll addressed some of the most common, everyday methods of destruction. The results are as follows:

Fire 1
Explosions 7
Bullets 0
Baseball Bats 4
Other 2

So needless to say, explosions took the prize. Let's pay tribute to explosions with this picture.As for the runners up, I'm not sure what "other" things won two votes. The baseball bat was probably selected by Eli, and it's obvious Stewart, my brother-in-law, did not participate because bullets had zero votes.


Scar Belly said...


How did I miss this poll? I'm glad to know I was missed, and yes I would have chosen bullets.

Senior Del Fuego said...

I voted for Baseball bats. I think because one time I got hit by a baseball and it hurt like hell. I have never been blown up or shot at so I think that in my life Baseball Bats have been the most destructive. Then I saw that kid hitting a pumpkin with a baseball bat and I knew it man. Baseball bats are the most destructive force in the world. I like to think that other votes were for 1) Mean words 2) Sticks and Stones.

EJ out

CitizenPain said...

All explosions, all the time.

B-Mental said...

Your poll blowed up real good!

Sheree said...

You know, I chose fire, but when I think about it, explosions include fire and the possibility of a car or something flying through the air in a raucous fashion. Which is pretty much awesome.

B-Mental said...

Danny, Citizenpain is not a sociopath! I just want to make that clear! He may or may not have fears about my dad cutting off his balls, okay!
Be his friend!