Monday, November 12, 2007

Vegoose: Long over due!

So a couple of weeks ago I went to
Vegoose, the hellraising concert event down in Las Vegas, Nevada. A plethora of awesome bands, such as Rage Against the Machine, came, played and rocked.

Here are my top three favorite bands of Vegoose:

1. Rage Against the Machine
Normally this type of post would start from three and move to one, but since anyone who knows me would already know how much I love this band, I felt it was pointless.
Rage rocked so hard! They changed our world as we know it by their musical performance. Before the show started we were about 50 feet from the stage, which was pretty close. Crowds killed time by spouting militant lyrics and bouncing condom balloons. The condom type could be determined by the size and shape of the condom. One of these condoms unfortunately popped on a man’s head. The gentleman was stoned out of his mind and was not happy about the situation.
Finally, Rage came out and began to rock the crowd’s face with its sweet rifts of rock. They played all my favorites, except Wake Up. I loved it. I have never been in such a crazy mosh pit. The energy Rage puts into their music could be felt throughout the entire city of Las Vegas. Tom Morellos’ guitar skills could probably cut through metal.
Local authorities were so frightened by these rock and roll guerillas they felt it necessary to have armed cavalry ready incase any riots broke out.

2. Golgo Bordelo
These crazy Ukrainians know how to rock with the best of them! Alex, Mike and I were fortunate enough to be front row during his performance. His rockability was augmented by sexy gypsies in football outfits wielding percussion instruments. Golgo opened up the Vegoose festival and might I say, I don’t think anyone could’ve done a better job.

3. Daft Punk
Daft Punk barely beat Muse for the number three spot. The thing that made Daft Punk blow so many minds is their exceeding of so many expatiations. I thought it would be cool, but the word cool does not do Daft Punk the justice they deserve. Their techno-robot powers rivaled the very Techno-Gods themselves. I am not a huge fan of techno, but mixing Daft Punks dub with a bind boggling light show gave them a number three on my list.

So yes, Vegoose changed my life! I can now die happy because I have seen Rage Against the Machine. My dad saw them a long time ago and I thought I'd never get the chance. Well, TAKE THAT DAD!

Three Awesome Dudes

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