Monday, November 5, 2007


So I went to Regina Spektor this past Friday and in case you were wondering it was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it! She played all the greats and finished up with none other than Sampson. On a side note, did you know Sampson had dread locks? Yep, he did! Seven of them.
At one point in her show Regina told the crowd to "shut the f**k up," something I have never seen in my lengthy concert experience. At first I thought she was a bitty, but I came to realize that people were being pretty disrespectful.
Although, her anger against noise didn't keep me from singing. Nobody probably noticed because I have such a good voice.
Regina is a pretty musical human. At one point she was playing the chair next to her like a drum with one hand, playing the piano with her other hand stomping on the ground with her foot and singing. All of this was at the same time. It was a mind fudge!

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