Monday, November 12, 2007

My weekend...

This week was filled with awesome and crazy Sorensen antics!
Friday I purchased Guitar Hero III and beat it on medium. It is pretty awesome! You may say, "Dan, you don't even have a job! How did you afford to pay for it?" I would answer this question by saying, "I just put it on my credit card! I DIDN'T PAY FOR IT!"
No, actually I would say, "Hello friend, I paid for Guitar Hero with my $1,000 I won for being Utah PR student of the year!" Yes, I won the competition! It felt great to win, I will not lie.

Saturday a few friends and I went out to the west side of Utah Lake in order to keep the pumpkin population in check. We shot the living crap out of dozens of pumpkins with shotguns, AR-15's, pistols, and sniper rifles. Yes, we sniped the shit out of the pumpkins! My 4-year-old nephew, Eli Brough, made sure to do his part by continually hitting a pumpkin with a baseball bat for over an hour. When I asked him how it was going he said, "I'm just hitting this pumpkin. There's still a little more to hit." And he kept going. It was funny. Video will follow shortly.

Saturday night I went to a karaoke party filled with people I didn't know. I sang two hits - Forever in Blue Jeans and Shook Me All Night Long - both of which drove the crowds crazy! There were many songs by The Diamond, but I was the only one who dared tackle an AC/DC song! Chelsea Nelson tried to sign me up to sing Madonna, Like a Virgin, but I chickened out. Nelson you diabolical!

So yes, my life is awesome! Be my friend and you will succede.


Becca Jo said...

My son is so f-ing awesome! I cn't wait to play guitar hero. I'm so good at that game! I have pics to prove it too.

B-Mental said...

Your "gun" picture has just enough macho to make NASCAR fans turn flaming gay. Be proud for your right to bare arms, and ass!

Jenbug said...

Congratulations my friend! I'm so glad I'm your friend.

A S H O L I N A said...

Dude. Congrats on Utah PR Student of the Year. ROCK. Freaking. ON.