Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I dreamed a dream!

So lately I have been having weird dreams. On Sunday, I dreamed a dream which consisted of a series of three dreams. Here is how it started:

The dream began with me arguing with my brother Mike. We were fighting about something and I exploded and said, "Well, you know what? I'm sick of you always copying me! You are just jealous of how awesome I am!" To which he replied, "You want to know what your problem is? You like evil things, like that game where you play as the bad guys. (Referring to a video game I played called Dungeon Keeper, which was awesome, and you played the evil side. The slogan for the game was "Evil is Good".) At the end of the game you have to fight a flying skull with a pentagram on its head!" at which he looks up, stares into my eyes and holds his hand up to reveal a burned in pentagram on his hand. I say to him, "Do you have a problem with devil worshiping?" and he said, "YES BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!"

The dream cut out and instantly I was teleported to the house of this family I taught on my mission in Mexico. They were all really sad because as members of the church they were being killed and tortured.
I said, "Let’s go to the market," and we headed out. While at the market, I went into this back room and these kids were hitting this other guy I taught (who looked like Mr. Miagi from Karate Kid) with boards that had nails in them. He was screaming and I took the boards and hit the kids to get them to leave him alone.

So the family, the dude and I all left on the metro. We were riding around on it when suddenly porcupines began to emerge from the cracks in the train. Only like 2 or 3 came out but everyone started freaking out. We pulled the emergency stop on the train, but alas the doors would not open. After much struggle and effort the doors opened and I punted one of the porcupines out of the train. There was another porcupine under a chair on the metro. This guy kept trying to grab it but the spines kept sticking into his hand and he wouldn’t stop. So after a bunch of attempts to grab the porcupine he had over a hundred barbs stuck in his palm and looks at me freaking out.

Then I woke up.

What is wrong with my brain?!


Becca Jo said...

You seriously are crazy! we have all known it since you were little and would chase us with hammers. If you would have been in middle school in this day and age you would have totally gone columbine at your school. Just kidding I love you and your crazy brain.

The Haights said...

You need to stop smoking crack right before bedtime. Then maybe you won't have such crazy dreams.